1. This only 50/50 raffle is being run by Community Food Share DS (commonly known as Community Food Share), with head-office in Winchester, Ontario.
  2. The monthly lottery will take place beginning January 1st 2021 and will continue through October 2021. Tickets will be available for online purchase only at https://communityfoodshare.bump5050.com/.
    1. Ticket sales will begin for a new 50/50 raffle on the first day of each month
    2. Ticket sales will close on the final day of each month
    3. A winner will be chosen on the first day of the following month.
  3. All tickets will only be sold to people who are 18 years of age or older.
  4. Tickets are 3 tickets for $10.00, 10 tickets for $20.00, and 50 tickets for $50.00.
  5. Tickets for this draw are only available for purchase in the Province of Ontario.
  6. Tickets will be sold using electronic raffle system supplied by Bump 5050.
  7. After buying, patrons will be sent a receipt with their 50/50 tickets from a Random Selection System. No specific numbers can be given as numbers are generated randomly.
  8. The winner will receive 50% of the total sales proceeds with the remainder going to the Community Food Share DS. The amount of the current 50/50 prize will be on the website where tickets are purchased (https://communityfoodshare.bump5050.com/).
  9. The winning ticket number will be selected by a Random Number Generation (RNG) system from all raffle tickets sold for the draw for that game.
  10. The winning number will be announced online at https://communityfoodshare.bump5050.com/ and the ticket purchaser will be notified by email within 24 hours using the email address provided online at time of purchase.
  11. The winner may make arrangements to claim their prize by contacting Community Food Share by email at 5050@communityfoodshare.ca. The winner will need to produce two pieces of identification, including photo ID, and then the prize payment will be paid by email transfer or cheque only. No cash.
  12. The winning ticket holder has six (6) months in which to claim their prize from the date of the draw.
  13. If no winner comes forward, the number will be continually posted on https://communityfoodshare.bump5050.com/ for six months following the draw date.
  14. Unclaimed 50/50 prize will be held for six months at which time the unclaimed proceeds will be donated back to Community Food Share DS.
  15. If due to unforeseen circumstances, a 50/50 draw must be cancelled mid-month, the raffle will be closed immediately, and a winner will be drawn based on existing sales.
  16. The above set Rules of Play will be posted wherever tickets are being sold.

Lottery License #: RAF1199870