About Us

About Community Food Share

Community Food Share has been serving Dundas and Stormont Counties for over 20 years. Starting as a smaller Dundas County Food Bank, the registered charity since expanded its scope to offer a wide range of services.

Our primary service is distributing emergency food aid to the residents of the Dundas and Stormont Counties. On average, we serve approximately 165 households every month, representing 500 individuals.

In 2018, Community Food Share made a strategic decision to adopt a Healthy Choices model. Our team worked closely with the local health unit to develop a plan to ensure that in a single visit, clients leave with enough food to give their family five days worth of nutritional meals. This resulted in fewer pre-packaged items and more fresh selections, such as vegetables and milk.

We provide food using the "Client Choice Model," meaning clients have the opportunity to browse our shelves and select specific items based on their family size. This differs from the old "Pre-made baskets" model because it not only ensures people have what they need, but we regularly save food as clients leave behind items they will not use.

Food bank clients also have access to a number of other services, including:
  • Tax Preparation Assistance
  • Community Advocate
  • North Dundas Christmas Fund
  • Heat for the Holidays